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Welcome to my first blog inspired by my new book “PayDay2Profits™ – An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Marketing and Sales” I’m a marketing expert with a gift for understanding the buyer’s point of view as well as the corporate and entrepreneur’s challenges. There are many technical books about corporate marketing and sales, but small entrepreneurial businesses have unique challenges that need to be addressed. They are usually evolving with fewer resources and the CEO may be the only employee that is not an independent contractor! My book is designed to offer a systematic way of thinking, analyzing, creating and problem solving through a series of questions as it relates to the marketing and sales in a small entrepreneurial business. The dynamics of an organization are as unique as the type of business, goals, problems and solutions. By asking the right questions you will be better prepared to find your unique answers. The answers will change as the variables shift. This book doesn’t give you the answers; it provides you with a process to find your own answers. Your way of running a business will be as unique as your parenting style is with your children. The end goal may be the same, but the process is your creation. Many of the questions are timeless and yet overlooked. As entrepreneurs, we not only work “outside the box” we also tend to work alone and ahead of the pack. For more information on business solutions and business success systems, please follow my blog and visit... read more

A marketing and sales guide to convert what you have to what you want! Included for FREE with every Sales and Marketing Seminar registration.

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