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Interview with Cleve Gaddis on “The Call Cleve Atlanta Real Estate Show” WGST Radio 640AM

logo-new Interview with David Ralph – 321: Mary Vidarte: Transitioning To A World Of Fun and Profits.

boston-globe-logo The First Lady of Entrepreneurs is Knighted  

wall street journal The First Lady of Entrepreneurs is Knighted 

harvard business study Harvard Business Review – Astra/Merck Group

philadelphia-business-journal AMI Secret of Astra Merck – Astra/Merck (A/M), originally a joint venture of AB Astra and Merck & Co., is preparing to be an independent company in 1993. Since the company does not engage in basic research and development of drugs, it is essentially a distribution organization. Fundamental to A/M’s strategy is a new approach to the marketing of prescription drugs.

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